Living the Dance of Love and Grief

This one-day retreat was fully booked in both December 2017 and April 2018.
Watch out for future offerings of this retreat!

In the ever-changing flow of life we find ourselves daily, in many ways, loving and grieving. Some changes affect us deeply and grief may mysteriously nudge its way into our busy lives.
What do we do with the things we can’t forget?    What are the edges to which the longings of our heart guide us for our mutual healing?   How might our vulnerability become our doorway to wholeness?
This one-day retreat will bring focus and attention to our heartbreak, exploring how intertwined our loving and grieving truly are. We’ll practice skills for holding and expressing our grief, discovering emerging insights and wisdom to deepen and guide our day-to-day living.



Grief is one of those human experience that transcends the everyday in colour, texture and
magnitude. In order to honour our experiences or grief, which are often beyond what words
can adequately capture, exploration that engages symbolism, ritual and the creative process
is both is appropriate and necessary. This workshop provides participants with a safe,
validating, supportive and beautiful space in which to identify some of the colours and
shapes of our grief, as well as the silence and space in which to hold, taste, observe and honour it.      Elena

I found this love and grief workshop both a gently moving experience, and a powerfully
releasing one. The depth of care and consideration offered by the group leaders created
a space that was welcoming of all my feelings, supportive of gently descending into my
grief and vulnerability, and with such permission giving that I felt safe to have a deeply
releasing experience of some very ancient grief. I feel tremendously grateful for the
workshop and heartily recommend it to others wanting to do the same.
As a group leader myself with over 30 years of experience, I want to honour the
warmth, love and professionalism offered by Anne-Marie and Helene in this workshop.