Make and wear a mask of a bird, a frog, or your favourite tree (or any other animal or plant!) and discover what the world looks like through its eyes. Then we’ll all get together with other animal or plant friends, and with humans. You can tell the humans what you like about them – and what you don’t like about things they’re doing! And the humans there will ask you an intriguing question!

Information for Teachers and Parents:

Through the unique process of this workshop, children get to experience just how connected they really are with the natural world. Using a range of natural materials they make a mask representing their friend in nature, then gather ‘in council’ for a meeting of the world of nature with that of humans.

This ‘Council of All Beings’ gives them the opportunity to speak on behalf of another life form, enabling them to see the actions of humans from the perspective of a voiceless inhabitant of the natural world. And we ask the question: what can we humans learn from the plants and animals who have spoken, to guide our future actions? The accompanying activities enable the children to expand their understandings of the concept of interdependence and the impacts which some of their everyday actions may have on the flora and fauna of their region or the planet in general. Participants come away invariably inspired and with a basic plan to get into action in their home, garden or school for ‘taking care of the Earth’. This series of activities helps children cultivate and value qualities of creativity, empathy, compassion, respect and care while fostering the building of their self esteem.